Fair wifi available to all guests

Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie provide their guests with a wireless Internet connection free of charge. WiFi will be available in all Fair buildings, as well as in the open space in the Mark's Square.


So far, our business partners could benefit from the Internet access via a WiFi network in the area of MTP after paying a subscription for a limited period of time. Thanks to the generally available network access, anyone who visits the Fair will be able to connect to the Internet on a mobile device or computer free of charge and without any time limit.

In the area of MTP, a network of access points is located, thanks to which a number of users will be able to use the Internet connection simultaneously. It means that e.g. during conferences held in the Earth Hall with a capacity of 2,000 persons, each participant will be able to connected to the network at the same time.  This extends the range for designing event marketing solutions. The exhibitors and organizers of business meetings will be able to combine offline and online fair reality, that is, for example, to present to the visitors virtual product catalogues on smartphones, provide live online reports of the events or increase the number of fans on their corporate social networking websites by means of competitions organized at their stand during the fairs. Such a closer contact with the visitors and its transfer to virtual reality may allow the exhibitors to communicate with a carefully selected target group in the long term.

The Internet access in the area of MTP can be obtained using the following networks:

  • SSID displayed name: mtp-1 - WIFI network 802.11a standard based on 5GHz frequency,
  • SSID displayed name: mtp-2 - 802.11b/g standard WIFI network based on 2,4GHz frequency, (which is the basic network for older devices that do not operate in 5 GHz frequency range),

The password will be available at the fair offices in the halls and at Customer Attendants.


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